Script Contest for young screenwriteres! Theme: “TABOO”

June 28, 2009

MeccaPANZA presents
the 8th NISI MASA Script Contest!

We are looking for short film scripts on the them “TABOO” from people aged under 28.
Are you an ambitious young writer? Maybe you will be our Dutch participant in the international Script Contest!



Since the beginning, the Script Contest was designed as a pan-European project. From 7 organising countries, the contest has grown to such an extend, that it is now present in 19 countries. This matchless competition in Europe is coordinated on the local level by the NISI MASA associations, all involved in the youth and cinema fields. Every year, from mid-April to the end of July, hundreds of enthusiastic ‘nisimasians’ promote the contest in Europe. In each country, they form a national jury to pre-select 1 to 3 finalist scripts that will be then submitted to the members of the European jury.

Each year participants have to write a script according to an assigned theme.

NISI MASA is a European network of associations, currently present in 19 countries. These associations consist of young professionals, students and enthusiasts with a common cause – European cinema. (see:, for more information)
MeccaPANZA is the Dutch representative of this network.

The aim of MeccaPANZA is to support an internationally oriented, renewing audiovisual culture in The Netherlands. We organize activities that bring people together and make them exchange thoughts on cinema. (see: for more information)

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Success for MeccaPANZA screening: Matter of Taste

June 19, 2009

MeccaPANZA had a great “Matter of Taste”-event!

MATTER OF TASTE last sunday presented a tasty selection of outstanding entries in the Short Film Competition within the NISI MASA Food Project ‘Matter of Taste’ ( Upcoming, innovative filmmakers reflected in these contributions on the theme food and culture in Europe from various cultural-specific or stylistic distinctive points of view. We screened a nice mixture of docs, fiction, animation and re-used archival footage…!


Starters where:

NEXT FLOOR – Denis Villeneuve – 11m
Award-winning surrealistic short sets the table for an aristocratic yet barbaric banquet. Darkly humorous and visually spectacular.

FEEDING THE DUCKS – Eugenie Jansen – 9m
Ingenious montage of amateur 8mm film heavily breaks down the illusion of feeding ducks as an act of innocence.

Link bij dit bericht: