Success for MeccaPANZA screening: Matter of Taste

June 19, 2009

MeccaPANZA had a great “Matter of Taste”-event!

MATTER OF TASTE last sunday presented a tasty selection of outstanding entries in the Short Film Competition within the NISI MASA Food Project ‘Matter of Taste’ ( Upcoming, innovative filmmakers reflected in these contributions on the theme food and culture in Europe from various cultural-specific or stylistic distinctive points of view. We screened a nice mixture of docs, fiction, animation and re-used archival footage…!


Starters where:

NEXT FLOOR – Denis Villeneuve – 11m
Award-winning surrealistic short sets the table for an aristocratic yet barbaric banquet. Darkly humorous and visually spectacular.

FEEDING THE DUCKS – Eugenie Jansen – 9m
Ingenious montage of amateur 8mm film heavily breaks down the illusion of feeding ducks as an act of innocence.

Link bij dit bericht: