Nisimazine IDFA

Nisimazine IDFA is a workshop to take place during the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2008 (IDFA).

The Workshop
During 10 days a daily magazine, in English will be made by a group of 10 young (age 18-30)  Europeans of different nationalities. Five young journalists and two young photographers will after a careful selection be invited for a total of fourteen days to come to Amsterdam and further develop their own personal voice. This will be done through: writing articles, do interviews and make photographs under professional guidance by the NisiMasa editorial staff of three. The name of the magazine will be: Nisimazine

The intensive workshop should endorse participants and staff to enter into a lively debate about their cultures, commonalities and differences through daily meetings where the articles and topics will be discussed. Interncultural views on films will be be published side-by-side and different views on topics will be supported to co-exist.
The ‘Nisimazine’ will be distributed at the festival every day in the amount of at least 500 per issue. Besides making the daily magazine and getting feedback on their work, the young participants will also be given the opportunity to attend master classes and discussions organised at the IDFA filmfestival.

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