MeccaPANZA believes that the foundation of cinema consists of the people creating it. Our activities therefore focus on these people by providing means we deem necessary: a platform to get together, inspire and help each other. MeccaPANZA doesn’t cater to the individual film maker, but aims to create a stimulating social atmosphere for all, in which cinema can thrive.



MeccaPANZA wishes to promote thought exchange both on formal aspects of cinema as well as personal motives and passion. These goals will be achieved through the following:

– organizing an annual script contest (www.scriptcontest.net)
– organizing shiort film screenings
– organizing workshops related to filmmaking
– exploring means of independent film making (discussions)
– participating in international projects through the Nisi Masa European network (www.nisimasa.com)

The aim of MeccaPANZA is to support an internationally oriented, renewing audiovisual culture in The Netherlands. We bring young, new, and independent film people together and exchange thoughts and idea’s on cinema. To our opinion, the fundament of films are the group of people they are made within. We therefore we will promote people to get together, to inspire and help eachother. We do not strech on the ambitions of individual filmmakers in the first place. We focus more on socialising and… having a good time together.
Our projects are promoting exchange of visions on formal aspects of cinema, as well as sharing personal motives for filmmaking and the passion for film in general. We do not consist of merely makers, also curators, filmfreaks, filmjourmalists or scientist are part of our team. Future activities (may) include: organising script contests, screening short films, explore methods of independent filmmaking, organise/host workshops and other educational projects, participate in international projects etc. meet filmmakers from other countries.


MeccaPANZA was initiated by Dutch filmmaker Fedor Sendak following his idea to not connect film people by money structures (like subsidies) or hierarchy (social/professional status, education and CV) but first of all connect them by their thoughts, dreams, ambition and will to work together… (and then see if there is money or support to find for them).

You are welcome
Our member consist of both film professionals and film enthousiast (and anyone in between).
Interested? Don’t be shy. Mail us at: mail@meccapanza.eu

NISI MASA network
MeccaPANZA Scenario Wedstrijd
NISI MASA Script Contest
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